jeudi 21 août 2014

              "Rvines / Prairie-Litière"

        Co-released with Emergence Records

CDr, reissue, limited to 100 copies

Tracklist :
1. RVINES + PRR-LTR - Black Tar   [4:57]
2. RVINES - Void Reich   [2:13]
3. PRR-LTR - Padded Disease   [4:58]
4. RVINES - The Mark On Your Arm   [1:25]
5. RVINES + PRR-LTR - Glory Be To Nothing   [11:04]
6. RVINES + PRR-LTR - Total War   [6:02]

Single CDr reissue of a boxset released by same both labels (autistic campaign and Emergence Records) on december 2013 that was mostly available at shows, and went sold out quite quickly. 
The sound content is the collaboration between two french bands : filthy/crusty hardcore from RVINES, and a screeching & experimental harsh-noise from duet PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE. Quite a meeting !
For this new edition, tracklist order has been redone, and CDr comes with one info insert, all enclosed in a black DVD case with colour artwork.
If you've missed the first edition of this great material, grab one copy of its reissue while it is available !

Sound sample :

The whole album (minus the PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE track, to be added later soon) can be listened to from RVINES Bandcamp page HERE.

Price (postpaid) :
Europe : 4€ / Anywhere else : 5€

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              Split + collaboration boxset

      Co-released with Emergence Records

cassette + 3"CDr, limited to 66 copies

Tracklist :
A1. RVINES - The Mark On Your Arm   [1:25]
A2. RVINES - Void Reich   [2:13]
B. PRR-LTR - Padded Disease   [4:58]
1. RVINES + PRR-LTR - Black Tar   [4:57]
2. RVINES + PRR-LTR - Glory Be To Nothing   [11:04]
3. RVINES + PRR-LTR - Total War   [6:02]

Collaboration between two french bands, filthy/crusty hardcore from RVINES, and a screeching & experimental harsh-noise from duet PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE. Quite a meeting !
Split tape + collaboration 3"CDr come in a black plastic vhs case. Cassette is held in a carved piece of slightly spray-painted foam with a glued-on razor balde, while the mini-CDr is attached to one of three inserts included, all printed on a quite thick cardboard paper.
This boxset edition was co-released with Emergence Records. It was mainly sold at shows, and it is unfortunately sold out from both labels. So it's being published here now (august 2014) just to be added to the label's catalog page. But if you missed that boxset, a single CDr reissue in a simpler yet classy package is available HERE.

Sound sample :

The whole release (minus the PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE track, to be added later soon) can be listened to from RVINES Bandcamp HERE.


mercredi 20 août 2014

              "Mechanical organ"

cassette, limited to 60 copies

Tracklist :
A. FT + TN   [9:59]

B. TN + FT   [10:01]

Collaboration effort between Harsh Noise legend from Shangaï on one hand, and weird sound creature from the UK on the other one. Altogether, they deliver the 20 minutes uneven soundscape of an odd and banished radio stream, made of disturbed vocals and shit-fi noisy urges.
Comes with an oversized artwork folded to a j-card, while material is dubbed on chrome tape in nice-looking, translucid red cassette shells.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 4€ / Europe : 5€ / Anywhere else : 6€

Contact / Paypal :
              "Lana / You're All I Ever Wanted"

CDr, limited to 40 copies

Tracklist :
1. THE SLEEPING QUARTER - Lana   [31:22]
2. CARRIE - You're All I Ever Wanted   [16:37]
3. CARRIE - I'm Tired Of Spending All My Time Alone   [16:20]
4. CARRIE - You're All I Ever Wanted (Eternally Hollow Remix by Cory Strand)   [12:05]

Two projects from the U.K., offering subtle, crackly & focused, female singer-themed noise-wall !
First, there's THE SLEEPING QUARTER returning to autistic campaign. For this split CDr, he created a piece dedicated to popular American singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey. The track begins, and you can hear the distant noisy ghost of a Del Rey's song turning at some point to a powerful yet sharp mass of sizzles and saturated hiss.
Then you have CARRIE, aka James Killick (LOVE KATY, SMALL HOURS, Vagary Recors). With this one moniker, Killick puts together nice HNW serenades for U.S. singer/actress miss Carrie Underwood, 
The last track of this release is one of CARRIE's track remixed/reworked by Cory Strand, sonic artist from the U.S., who's also known as the currator of the great label Altar Of Waste.
CDr comes in a DVD case with full-colour artwork, plus an info insert on thick paper and two extra / over-xeroxed pics of Del Rey and Underwood included in a ziplock bag.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 4€ / Europe : 5€ / Anywhere else : 6€

Contact / Paypal :
              "Revolutionary Suicide"

cassette, limited to 40 copies

Tracklist :
A. Among The Sand Grains Under The Sun   [14:52]

B1. Maybe Death Is Not So Scary In The Jonestown   [6:57]
B2. There Is Nothing To Cry About   [7:54]

Tim Six, sound artist from Ukraine, started CREATION SIX in 2006. Ever since, this projects sailing somewhere among the most pouring forms of noise and ambient music, has delivered a very decent deal of tapes and cdrs on a diversity of DIY labels all around. Here offered are thirty minutes themed around the mass suicide that happened in Jonestown on 1978, with a third and last track that is actually a montage of speaches recorded just before the Jonestown tragedy, mixed with distant sound scraps and thick noise hiss.
J-card outter artwork by the artist, plus inside cover and insert by autistic campaign. Dubbed on mat white cassettes, with an on-shell sticker.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 4€ / Europe : 5€ / Anywhere else : 6€

Contact / Paypal :


cassette, limited to 50 copies

Tracklist :
A1. ZEBRA MU - Crude Thumb Laceration   [8:52]
A2. ZEBRA MU - Stripped Back To Breaking Point   [10:26]
B. PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE - The Discreet Media   [16:34]

Split tape with one side for each project. Behind ZEBRA MU is UK multimedia artist Michael Ridge, who also appears to run the highly recommended DIY record label Quagga Curious Sounds. Under that moniker, the man records lo-fi noise/experimental sounds of various dynamics. Material on this tape here focus on a tense harsh noise glitch racket ! Two tracks of a loud flux of warring frequencies. 
The other side of the cassette sees french duet PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE offering a track driven by an almost restrained/minimal feel, in which distant hi-pitch feedback loops and a calm junk-metal beat make it just more sudden when screeching noise explosions occur. 
Cassette for this one is white shell that has been hand-rubbed with colour paint, mainly yellow shading. Comes with a j-card artwork and an additional colour print on tracing paper, placed before front cover and indicating the names of each part of that release. Plus a one-fold black&white insert with art and all infos.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France :4€ / Europe : 5€ / Anywhere Else : 6€

Contact / Paypal :
              "Sensory Oversimulation"

cassette, limited to 50 copies

Tracklist :

A1. Belfort + Besançon   [9:07]
A2. Bruitisme   [7:32]
B1. Bigz   [8:33]
B2. Noisefest   [8:50]

NUNDATA is Srdjan Eftimovski, dedicated and prolific harsh-noisehead from Serbia. 
This release collects great live material, all recorded on tape by NUNDATA himself, including a show offered at the first Bruitisme festival, and participation from the 2013 edition of Ljubljana noisefest. Expect a dense noise matter of crazy harsh and exploding electronics ! 
Black cassette shell with stricker, comes with j-card colour artwork and an extra black&white picture printed on tracing paper.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 4€ / Europe : 5€ / Anywhere else : 6€

Contact / Paypal :
              "Failed Frankenstein"

2 x cassette, limited to 40 copies

Tracklist :
A1. Failed Frankenstein   [12:50]
A2. Rectified Frankenstein   [3:33]
B. Paris 1953   [12:47]
Egypt 1974 (Part 1)   [12:49]
D. Egypt 1974 (Part 2)   [12:40]

From the U.K., ROADSIDE PICNIC is one of the solo moniker of Justin Wiggan, a productive lad who played with other experimental sound artists, and participated in other bands and projects as well (Dreams Of Tall Buildings, among others...).
The "Failed Frankenstein" material he recorded for autistic campaign, ending up on this double cassette set, consists of harsh musique-concrète manipulations turning diverse sound sources into an ultra-skipping electronics free-noise feast. An highly focused work where raw and highly erratic cut-ups meet sickly layers of ambient sound and lo-fi processed vocals.
Comes in a back-to-back double case, with full-colour j-card prints and two inserts.

Sound Sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 7€ / Europe : 8€ / Anywhere else : 9€

Contact / Paypal :

lundi 29 juillet 2013


      Co-released with AnarchoFreaksProduction / Ikebukuro Dada / Rohs Prod. / Underground Pollution Records

Vinyl LP, edition of 300 copies

Tracklist :
A. K2 - Medel Merq Mehre   [23:28]
B. HAKOBUNE - Hange-Ame   [20:36]

Autistic Campaign is proud to have participated and now to present this French co-production for two Japanese artist. On side A, junk-noise legend K2 (aka Kimihide Kusafuka) offers a chaotic composition of harsh electronics and screeching hi-pitch noises, over some weird and disparate melodies. On side B is HAKOBUNE, the ambient project of Takahiro Yorifuji, with a dense and very meditative piece made out of layers of distant windy sounds and rumbling soundscapes, overlapping one another.
One artwork cover per project (K2 cover art by Ikebukuro Dada ; HAKOBUNE's by Autistic Campaign) , plus insert by Underground Pollution Records.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 10€ / Europe : 12€ / Anywhere else : 14€

Contact / Paypal :

vendredi 26 juillet 2013

AC24_ Å

Cassette, edition of 27 copies

Tracklist :
A. Untitled   [30:31]
B. Untitled   [31:18]

Å is one of the major representative of the French HNW impetus. It is the project of Grégory Henrion, also head of the AnarchoFreaksProduction label. Here offered are two tracks (up to a worth hour of sound) which in a way really fit the release's title. Listening to these two slices of highly-focused grainy white noise static delivers a somehow soothing feeling of isolation , like being in some dark and gloomy yet benevolent cave. 
All-clear tape shell, enclosed with j-card artwork printed on black paper, plus info insert.

Sound sample :